How To Use Facebook Events To Get People To Your Concerts

How To Use Facebook Events To Get People To Your Concerts

Written by Jaron Lewis

Facebook is a powerful tool that, when used correctly, can spread news of your concert and attract new and old fans to it. Using this guide will get you the fans you’ve been missing out on.

Combine Social Media Platforms

Using multiple social media platforms maximizes exposure to your event. Facebook is a great hub because, unlike Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, it allows for multiple media types. You can easily link other concert activities such as merch shops or places to buy tickets. On the other hand, Snapchat and Twitter are better for engaging with your audience in quirky ways. If you make behind the scenes videos after the concert, or you need to notify event goers, Facebook is the platform of choice. If you want to share bloopers or intimate moments between band mates and crew members, Snapchat is better.

Twitter is a wonderful tool to use during the event as it lets you send quick updates for the event. You may think it’s unreasonable to expect your audience to use three separate apps, however, they’re probably doing it anyway. You can effectively create hype for your event by maximizing on social media presence.

Sending Invitations

Inviting friends and current fans is a given, but how do you get new fans to attend your concert? Researching Facebook pages that are related to your target audience and recruiting people from there is one way to gather new fans. Keep in mind to not ask outright. Spreading the word for the event must sound organic. Internet users abhor spam, do not sound like a bot. After gathering enough reputation on the page, ask if anyone is going to your concert. You don’t have to say it’s yours, but asking gets people interested.

Outright sending messages can get others interested as well, however, if you don’t have a good connection with them you’ll sound like a salesman, and they won’t attend. Unless the event is free, most people who haven’t heard of you will spend money and time to attend your event. Lastly, give your fans time to plan around the event. Your fans may come from different walks of life. Some are young and have all the time in the world, while others are parents that need schedule babysitters.


Having over a hundred RSVPs is great for your first Facebook campaign, especially if you’re relatively unknown. However, RSVPs only represent intent to show up. Don’t count on RSVPs to be an accurate representation of who will come to your event. Always go by ticket sales, as these people already paid money to reserve their place at the event. RSVPs are useful to cultivate hype for your next event. This is where social media usage comes in.

Updating the Facebook page regularly, either during the event or after, shows them what they’re missing. You want those who RSVP’d to wish they bought tickets and went. The worst outcome is they don’t ever attend a concert, and continuously plan. However, even this is beneficial to you as Facebook will show their friends that they’re going to your concert, which spreads awareness of your band.



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