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7 Best Song Lyric Generators: Unbiased Review

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

If you have been composing your own music or are a seasoned songwriter, you know that coming up with unique lyrics and melodies can be really difficult at times. This is especially true when you have been at it for a number of years and everything you create begins to all sound the same. 

This is something that all lyricist and songwriters go through — so don’t feel like you are alone if you are beginning to burn out on new song lyric ideas. Different musicians have different methods of generating inspiration for song lyrics. Luckily, technology and artificial intelligence is one fantastic way to help pull a creator out of their creative rut when writing music. 

There are many websites available for artists to use when they find their lyrics are lacking depth and substance. As the saying goes, work smarter, not harder. By taking advantage of song-writing tools, you will be able create amazing hits faster and more efficiently. 

Apart from what more traditional songwriters might tell you, taking advantage of such tools can be a huge benefit and blessing to the overall writing process. In the end, you are the one composing the final lyrics and creating the overall essence of the song. No matter if you found inspiration from a third party or got ideas from an online platform, the song will always be your own unique creation. 

Some of the best musicians today use many different methods and websites to help generate song lyrics. In fact, this is one of the smartest ways to ensure your songs come out at the highest quality possible. Creating really great lyrics through AI and computer programs is just one way to boost your music career and improve the quality of your music. 

These programs are a sophisticated, accessible, and really cheap way for budding composers and songwriters to develop their talent to the max. For this reason, we have decided to share with you the 7 best song lyric generator platforms for anyone to use. With the help of these 7 websites, you will be coming up with lyrics and melodies in no time, all while producing hits full of meaning and originality

7 Best Song Lyric Generators

Below you will find our list of the 7 best lyric generator websites — all including details of how they operate, what their main functions and features are, along with an explanation of why using technology to compose songs is a great idea to improve your talent and chances of success in the music industry.

Take note! 

Masterpiece Generator is one of the most powerful tools for songwriting composition. It allows users to find great lyrical ideas in the matter of seconds, and best of all it is completely free to use. 

On the Masterpiece Generator website, you will find  a set of tools that can be used to quickly create content such as songs, plots, and poems. The options range from completely random to highly structured, often with a parody element included. 

This is a great option for customizing the content according to the style and genre that best suits your song. You can choose to generate lyrics to your song by genres including freestyle, rap, metal, love songs, and more. You can also choose to build song lyrics line by line. 

It even has a list of artists that you can choose from based on whose music style is most similar to your own.  You can pick from Drake, Adele, Frank Sinatra, and others to ensure that the style of lyrics generated are close to your own personal flair. 

No matter what genre your music is or what style of lyrics you typically create, Masterpiece Generator will be a huge help to you!

With, you can find thousands of lyric ideas within just a few seconds and one simple click of a button. This website has 40 fun-filled pages equipped with AI that works similar to autocomplete on your mobile device, where it predicts the next word based on what you are typing. They have fine-tuned this model on their song lyric generator, having it predict lines for a song instead of only predicting one word at a time

This lyrics generator is equipped with a huge database and works randomly so that it will never give you the same result twice. Nor will it offer you a copy of something that already exists. You will only have to enter the website and click on the ‘Generate Lyrics’ tab. From there, you will have to wait less than a minute and it will compile a complete song for you. 

We wouldn’t suggest using the lyrics generated word for word in your next song, but this is a great option for brainstorming ideas and coming up with inspiration for your next big hit.

This iOS app songwriting app promises to “destroy writer’s block forever” by generating random word combinations to help you get your creativity flowing again.  

Word Palette presents users with sliding panels of random words, or custom words you’ve imported from your favorite books, songs, and articles. By working your way through the panels and adding mix and match phrases and words to your sheet, you’ll create completely random and original lyrics that you might never have thought of before.

This app is great for songwriters who need to create quick and effective lyrics on the go. This tool is truly the definition of experimental creative writing that meets the 21st Century.

If you are lacking inspiration and urgently need a good brainstorming for your next songs, do not hesitate to use Anticulture Song Lyric generator. This online lyric creator is web-based and will offer you thousands of lyrics in just a few seconds — all in a totally random way.

Its interface is not the most attractive, but it is quick and easy to understand. To begin, click on the ‘Lyrics Generator’ tab. Then click on ‘Random Lyrics Generator’. From there you will click the ‘Regenerate Art’ button to continue getting random lyrics generated to help formulate your own ideas for a composition.

The only drawback of this lyrics generator may be that it does not allow you to enter any keyword to search for specific lyrics, which makes it impossible for the results to be personalized. It will only offer completely random lyrics in the form of songs with a very generalized theme.

If you are a professional musician looking for more specialized solutions for the composition of your lyrics and you have found that random lyric generators are just not enough for you — Write Songs Lite is the more advanced music composition app that you are looking for. 

The main difference with this tool is its complete internal dictionary of rhymes and composition, which allows you to enter phrases or words and quickly get several suggestions of rhyming options. Along with its song lyrics and ideas generator, it also has a number of different features to help optimize your songwriting process. 

It is equipped with a voice recorder, a song management organizer, rhyming dictionary, sync options for your computer or SD card, plus so much more. It also has a section of personal preferences that we can save, so that each time we access the platform, you can begin working quicker based on your previous searches.

Best of all, it is available as a mobile app on the Google Play store. This is by far one of the best and most useful tools available for those who write their own songs and lyrics. 

Suggester is much more than a lyric generator — it is a helpful tool to assist in the creation of songs and chord progressions. This iPhone, iPad, and Android compatible app has a huge catalogue of chords that users can browse and experiment with to see what progressions work well together.  

So if you are someone who gets stuck on finding the perfect chord progression, and not just lyrics, then you may benefit greatly by using Suggester.

The app also has a drag–and–drop feature, so users can easily select and insert chords into the right place on their music sheet as they compose. When you’re satisfied, save your experimentations for later reference, then export them by email using either a MIDI file or plain text. You can also open the MIDI file in another app.

Chord progression is often the hardest part of song creation, if you get stuck on coming up with lyrics, you may find that figuring out the proper chord progression can alleviate this problem. Therefore, we definitely recommend Suggester for those more advanced and professional songwriters.

DeepBeat is a program which uses machine learning techniques to generate rap lyrics by combining lines from existing rap songs. Unlike all other online lyric generators with AI, this website is uniquely equipped to help musicians looking for inspiration for rap lyrics specifically. It is very easy to use and with just a few clicks, it’s AI will offer a wide variety of lyrics and rhyming suggestions to use within your own rap song. 

What’s great about DeepBeat’s Song Lyric Generator is that users are able to add in their own lyrics line by line, and then use the generator to fill specific empty lines with lyrics that you’ve gotten stuck on. You can also create lyrics line by line, using 'Suggest (Rhyming) Line' buttons or by writing lines yourself. Also, you can add specific keywords in the settings tab so that the suggested lyrics are more geared towards your specific needs. 

This songwriting tool has been featured and backed by major media companies like the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Television, and more. So you can already be sure that this song lyric generator is the real deal.

Wrapping Up

Thanks to useful technology and lyric generating platforms such as the 7 mentioned above, writing amazing songs has never been easier. Creative roadblocks are an unavoidable part of the writing process. Next time you get into a creative rut, we highly recommend you try out one of the websites or apps that we have suggested on this list. 

You never know where you will find inspiration or the perfect lyrics for your next big hit!

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