Songwriters Wanted: The Top Companies Looking For Songwriters

Songwriters Wanted: The Top Companies Looking For Songwriters

Written by Jaron Lewis

The songwriting process isn’t always easy unfortunately. But once you finally have it down, there’s an entirely different problem to worry about, and that’s about actually finding work. You have to actually find someone to write songs for if you want to make a profit doing it, and that can be difficult. But this article is here to make it easier for you, by telling you about the best places to become a songwriter online.

Starting Small

Naturally, it’s hard to hook up with a major songwriting company unless you are already a major name in the business. That said, you probably won’t have much success if you try to hook up with a major publishing company right of the bat. Instead, you should look for small time jobs first. The best way to do this is of course online.

The first step to doing this is knowing what the expectations are for the genre you are looking to write for. While being unique is always appreciated, there are still some things everyone expects from a particular genre. Song publishing companies know this, and they definitely won’t market anything they don’t think will be accepted by the genre audience.

Build A Portfolio

You’ll also need to construct a portfolio of music demos. If there’s one line of work that always requires some sort of example of your skill, it’s songwriting. No publishing company is ever going to hire you if they don’t even know how good you actually are. That said, you need to compose a number of examples of your work to present to whoever you want to hire you.

It’s also important to post your songs online. In this new age of social media and online presence, the more online presence you have, the more a publishing company will think you know what you are doing and already have prior experience. This is important these days because most companies expect you to have some level of online presence to work with. That makes you worth more in their eyes.

Don't Get Discouraged

It’s also critical to keep in mind that success will probably be few and far between. Most music industries are used to dozes of individuals applying for a position as a songwriter, meaning that they are quickly desensitized. Because of this you will often get the cold shoulder from them. Just persevere and keep it going.

Keep Grinding

Finally, the best place to start is often online. Because you have to start small to ever really hit it big, going to online websites that you can easily find through the usually google search is the best way to find small time producers that are looking for aspiring songwriters to make their own. Also be sure to check out these tips on building your own website that actually sells.

In the end, the process of becoming a songwriter is long and arduous, and requires a lot of perseverance. All you have to do is keep going, keep trying, and continue doing your best as you work your way through the mess that is chasing your dreams.



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