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Songwriters Wanted: The Top Companies Looking For Songwriters

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Written by Jaron Lewis

The songwriting process isn’t always easy unfortunately. But once you finally have it down, there’s an entirely different problem to worry about, and that’s about actually finding work. You have to actually find someone to write songs for if you want to make a profit doing it, and that can be difficult. But this article is here to make it easier for you, by telling you about the best places to become a songwriter online.

Starting Small

Naturally, it’s hard to hook up with a major songwriting company unless you are already a major name in the business. That said, you probably won’t have much success if you try to hook up with a major publishing company right of the bat. Instead, you should look for small time jobs first. The best way to do this is of course online.

The first step to doing this is knowing what the expectations are for the genre you are looking to write for. While being unique is always appreciated, there are still some things everyone expects from a particular genre. Song publishing companies know this, and they definitely won’t market anything they don’t think will be accepted by the genre audience.

Build A Portfolio

You’ll also need to construct a portfolio of music demos. If there’s one line of work that always requires some sort of example of your skill, it’s songwriting. No publishing company is ever going to hire you if they don’t even know how good you actually are. That said, you need to compose a number of examples of your work to present to whoever you want to hire you.

It’s also important to post your songs online. In this new age of social media and online presence, the more online presence you have, the more a publishing company will think you know what you are doing and already have prior experience. This is important these days because most companies expect you to have some level of online presence to work with. That makes you worth more in their eyes.

Don't Get Discouraged

It’s also critical to keep in mind that success will probably be few and far between. Most music industries are used to dozes of individuals applying for a position as a songwriter, meaning that they are quickly desensitized. Because of this you will often get the cold shoulder from them. Just persevere and keep it going.

Keep Grinding

Finally, the best place to start is often online. Because you have to start small to ever really hit it big, going to online websites that you can easily find through the usually google search is the best way to find small time producers that are looking for aspiring songwriters to make their own. Also be sure to check out these tips on building your own website that actually sells.

In the end, the process of becoming a songwriter is long and arduous, and requires a lot of perseverance. All you have to do is keep going, keep trying, and continue doing your best as you work your way through the mess that is chasing your dreams.

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    24 replies to "Songwriters Wanted: The Top Companies Looking For Songwriters"

    • Donald Hill Jr

      My peers say I’m one of the best songwriters in the world for individual Artists, tv and movie soundtracks. I write for multiple genres including Gospel, pop, RnB, Jazz, neo soul and some hip hop music. I have always been called the go to person for a song that could be matched for an Artist. I’ve never sent any songs to any major label but a friend of mine sold a song I wrote to a publisher when I was around 22. I’ve always wanted to work professionally getting the over 1500 ideas and 200-300 songs I’ve written. I can’t keep Track of all I’ve written but I do know it’s a lot of material. Anyone needing a collaborator should contact me and my friend in Las Vegas named Stacy( he mainly writes music). Please reply to my address at yahoo or Stacy’s at [email protected] Thanks and we wish everyone the best in their music ventures.

    • Richard Fields

      Independent artist rich e rowe.. song writer first artist 2nd… jus send me beats & I will send u back a vision / hook / bridge to fit each instrumental.. I can’t sing but can write Melody’s & catchy hooks that an audience can relate to.. hip hop r&b, slow jams, motivational, dark, humor, even can write for a brand or product as well

    • Michael King

      I’m an award winning Ghanaian Musician based in London UK. Though a very good vocalist, I have decided to direct my focus more on my true capacity as a Song Writer.
      I am very confident about my ability in song writing, based on what music producers say, and the benefit my lyrics accrued for some Artistes in both Circular and Gospel Music Fraternity. I’m a worthwhile material ready to produce some catchy lyrics for any music company or Artiste who may need my service.
      I would be ready to send lyrics for your perusal.

      Thank you.
      Michael King.

    • Martins

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself as a songwriter with a passion for music and a keen interest in publishing my work. As an accomplished songwriter with extensive experience in creating lyrical and melodic compositions, I believe that I would be an excellent addition to your publishing team.

      I have been writing songs for several years and have honed my skills through a wide variety of musical genres, including rock, pop, country, and hip-hop. I have a strong ability to write meaningful lyrics that connect with listeners and reflect the emotions and experiences of the human condition. My writing style is versatile and I’m always open to collaborating with other artists to create something truly unique.

      I have a strong understanding of the music industry and am eager to learn more about opportunities offered by publishers such as yourselves. I know that the right publisher can help me to not only become a more successful songwriter, but also to reach more listeners and have a greater impact with my music.

      Please let me know what steps I should take to submit my work to your publishing team. I’m excited about the possibility of working with you and look forward to sharing my creative talents with a wider audience.



    • Quentin Fernandez

      Hi Everyone,

      I am from Bangalore, India. I have the gift to pen lyrics compose tunes and sing my own songs. This came to me a few years back. The genre being country, country blues, Christian gospel and pop. This is a passion of mine.
      I have uploaded some of my tracks on Reverb Nation, You Tube, and sound Cloud, I have many more with me. I have a few tracks where I sing and play the guitar, now I have started to sing and accompany myself on the keyboard. Looking forward to meeting the right people in the industry and build my talents.

    • Allen Paulson

      Omari, I’ve got a catalogue of songs spanning about 35 years. But they’re all over the place, some are done in different decades. Some before the digital age that I’ve got in boxes. I’ve got some on SoundCloud, AirPlay radio, some on Musicxray. Most are just copyrighted from creation but not by the Library of Congress. I think I want to try to stream as many as I can to try to get some royalties if I can. I hard your video on NFT’S or something like that. Anyway, I’m a BMI writer and am wondering what you can do for me and my music. I tried performing when I was young and didn’t like it. So I just tried to write and engineer and produce the best songs I could create. I don’t know if there are any hits, I don’t think so but I didn’t give up blood, sweat, and tears for nothing. I got Ménière’s disease from the loud music after about 5-8 years so it’s been hard. I retired in 2009 and am on a fixed income. So Im strapped for money but I wonder what you would suggest doing with all my material. I have 100’s of songs some back in the 80’s and 90’s. I started in country, mixed with rock, adult contemporary, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, World, etc. If I was a performer, I would have you promote me but Im not. I guess it’s a crapshoot Omari. NFT’S? I was wondering if I should try streaming in the hopes of some royalties as the songwriter, singer, etc. What do you think of my dilemma and whether I’m making any sense about trying to stream some of my catalogue. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Can’t wait to hear from you.

      Thank you for any advice or options,


      Allen Paulson

    • Hal

      Singer John Cash Dean Martin sound looking for a damn good song writer. Ready to record your hit

    • Marlene Davidson

      Hi my name is Marlene Davidson and I do write songs as well as singing song too. I honestly don’t know where to begin and would appreciate some professional help and advise in moving forward in my God given talent. Thank in advance

    • Esme Maru Michael


      I am from the Solomon Islands and I am really good at writing wongs based on life, romance, personal experiences. I have some songs with me. I am always writing songs every now and then whever I feel the need coz it helps me relax.

    • Unuragho shedrack

      write good and cool afropop music, i’m from Nigeria.I’m a song writer,and also a singer, currently i have few songs that that i have already written.My stage name is phynex.Contact through this number:09131524606 or 09019488372

    • Unuragho shedrack

      I write good and cool afropop music, i’m from Nigeria.I’m a song writer,and also a singer, currently i have few songs that that i have already written.My stage name is phynex.

    • Dave

      I have plenty of songs that I’ve written, but I’m no singer,rapper artist. I’ma a writer an I know I have some bangers FASURE. JUST TRYING TO GET DID OF THEM QUICK

    • Rochard

      I need a help. I am creative song composer and more in creative stories
      In case you are interest to help contact me [email protected]

    • Lianza

      I have song writing, inspired from life experiences, some
      How through great trial I reopened my heart and found faith.i am not a musician although my wiring is good. To good to be in a book. I believe there is great purpose in how I because to write about some experiences some don’t survive. I want to inspire people through my writing and believe I can do so. I just prefer to song write and let someone else sing. Iv been writing for years but never been ready to share or work on this professionally. If anyone is interested please contact me on 07542660511.


      I have songs that I would like publishers or singers to hear. Some are country and some are christian. What do you suggest?

    • Ma Vanessa

      I am a gospel songwriter and I can sing also. looking for a person that can produce my songs for the world. most of my pieces I write about encouragement [email protected]

    • Roneisha Woods

      I’m a singer/songwriter with a different style in all my songs. If you are looking for a songwriter or partner you can contact me.

    • Nick Fratelli

      I’m a Christian song writer in Levittown Pa in Bucks County Pa looking for someone who needs Christian music written for them. I’d be glad to be hired by a Christian label, even a private one.
      Nick Fratelli

    • Xiomara

      Hi. My name is Xiomara Rosales. I am an aspiring songwriter. I have written about 20 something songs or so, and I would like to know how I can get singers to sing my songs? Thank you.

    • Mary Anne Bott

      I’m 84 yrs. old. I have one song I wrote that: (1) want to protect (how?) and (2) after I know it can’t be stolen, I’d like to send a Video of my son’-in-law and I doing our best to sing it. OR do you have a better suggestion?

    • sylviabordeaux

      looking to get paid for sonfwritingive written bone thugs n harmony 2pac scarface 2 live crew dj quick nas to gansrae mariah carey usher

    • Randy Moore

      I have songs previously played on radio all over the world. All mastered and proven successes. I’d like to jump to the next level.

    • Gary Neuman

      I have a few songs that I have written the words and music to. However, the music I have written has been by ear. I have good theory skills but, I am not fluent in writing the notes on paper to create a piece of sheet music exp: I write all the words and music by ear –put the words in verses and write the Chords (Guitar) next to the words You would have to agree for me to have total creative control and, own 100% of the Copywrite words and music. You would get 100% arrangment control and we would split 50/50 the profits . My style of music is POP the likes of James Taylor,Jim Croce and various Country Artists –If you are interested? Please respond to [email protected]

    • Vincent Samuels

      I write pretty cool and unique music. Mixed raced Jamaican, Irish Gypsy, born in West Yorkshire, UK… I usually write in one take.. not sure whether thats a good or bad thing. But it guarantees a sense of realness as opposed to fabricated… I’ve lived a cool, but carnage life… Expression is kinda easy when its from the heart..

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