The Indisputable Top 20 Hip Hop Producers (That You Haven’t Heard Of)

The Indisputable Top 20 Hip Hop Producers (That You Haven’t Heard Of)

Written by Jaron Lewis

When it comes to the world of Hip Hop, it’s the producers that do a lot of the hard work but get nowhere near as much credit as they deserve. Instead of concentrating on the rappers and singers, we’ve compiled a list of Hip Hop producers that are some of the best Hip Hop producers right now to give them a little respect and credit where it has been earned. So sit down and treat yourself to some of the best tunes from the top hip hop producers 2017.

The Top 20

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  1. VHVLHarlem-based producer that mixes ambience with beats like you’ve never heard before.
  2. Cardo – Quietly sitting behind some of the biggest artists on the planet, he’s understated but has talent oozing from every pore.
  3. CubeatzThis German duo love nothing more than sitting with raw talent and drawing out their best by mixing up rising melodies that match the mood.
  4. WheezyWorking alongside Atlanta’s finest, he’s hip hop personified and you can hear it with every tune.
  5. Q-Tip – One of the longest standing producers in the game, he’s never lost his touch.
  6. Ronny J – The face of youth in hip hop, he makes music and melodies like you could never even dream up.
  7. Pi’erre Bourne – Some of the Atlanta talented core, he always trusts his gut and his gut says good things.
  8. Nineteen85Having worked on some of Drake’s best tunes, he prefers to keep a low key to truly concentrate on his music.
  9. J Gramm – Hard working and dedicated to music don’t do enough justice for just how much effort this lad puts into his work, and it really pays off.
  10. WondaGurl – Quietly coming through and working with some of the best in the business, keeping a low profile is becoming increasingly difficult.
  11. UNIQQU3With beats that just make you want to dance, you won’t be able to get her tunes out of your head.
  12. Toxe – She might still be in high school but she’s using that teenage angst in ways that world has never seen before.
  13. Brian ‘People’s’ Garcia – He knows music like the back of his hand and has worked on some of the sickest tunes known to man.
  14. Deputy – Brooklyn’s resident bad boy, his work with Rihanna and J. Cole are just the tip of the talent iceberg.
  15. Knxwledge – Harder working than anyone else on the scene, his remixes are the stuff of dreams.
  16. H!tkidd – In a world where Atlanta and Houston are drowning in talent, H!tkidd is putting Memphis back on the map for having hot talent spilling at the seams.
  17. Nedarb – Bringing lo-fi to the masses, his success is down to talent and perseverance.
  18. Frank Dukes – Working with as many people as possible, this guy is styling out 2017 like he owns it.
  19. Dubba-AA – Having worked with others he’s now onto a solo project and it’s well worth a listen.
  20. DJ Quik – As old school as they come, he’s dedicated to bringing out music we’ll still be listening to in 20 years.

So give your earbuds a treat and tune into some of the latest raw talent on the market.



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