The Proper Way To Contact Music Executives Via Social Media

The Proper Way To Contact Music Executives Via Social Media

Written by Jaron Lewis

Social media is changing our lives on a daily basis and the way we do things has been completely revolutionized. Whether it’s writing a complaint, general information or even contacting your biggest idol, social media has made this a completely new and much easier form of contact.

When you’re trying to contact someone through social media you still have to remember a few key factors, especially when trying to get in touch with the bigwigs at a record label. If you follow this article then you’ll find you’ll get a lot better response than when you forget any of these simple factors.

Getting Their Attention

Getting the attention of those at a record label isn’t an easy task at the best of times so when the time comes to start trying then you really need to put your all into it. This starts way before you start contacting the labels. You might have the music written, recorded and polished up.

You might have the photoshoots done and the albums printed. You might even have been touring for months on end pulling in bigger and bigger crowds on the road but it doesn’t mean you’re exempt from having to put the research in. You don’t want to be a heavy metal band contacting a record label that specializes in country and folk, they won’t take you seriously and it won’t make you feel any better when you get rejected.

Demo Format

While you’re doing your research then don’t forget to check out what format they like to receive their demos in. Not all record labels will state this but if you send something over in completely the wrong format then they will write you off before they’ve even checked out your songs. You need to be dedicated to the matter.

If they don’t state what format they like then social media is the best place to head over to. Not only will a quick tweet or comment let them know that you’re interested in their label (they might check out before you’ve even sent them your demo) but will show that you are dedicated to your art and getting it right.

Show Your Worth

Having said that, the chances of someone looking at your music page because you’ve put a comment on their Facebook wall is incredibly unlikely. It doesn’t show any form of dedication and could even been seen as lazy! Really, you want to be using social media to support any demos you’re sending over by proving how much effort you put into the music side of your life.

An active Twitter, Facebook and even a blog can draw in fans and likes and for a music executive this will mean money. You have to remember that music executives might enjoy the music side of work but they’re business people at heart so speaking to their corporate minds is more effective than just the music.



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