Why You Should Not Have All Your Music On SoundCloud

Why you should not have all your music on soundcloud

Written by Jaron Lewis

As we become increasingly reliant on technology, there is one thing you must always remind yourself – technology isn’t all that reliable. The internet is a powerful global host, granting you access to various forms of media around the world.

With a few clicks we can easily listen to the top songs currently trending around the world. If you’re feeling nostalgic,you can even rediscover the greatest hits from any past decade. If mainstream songs of the past and present aren’t satisfying your ears – online music streaming platforms are perfect. Platforms such as SoundCloud, allows underground artists to upload their own music. In other words, you have access to files underground artists have chosen to share with you.

Keep In Mind

The role of technology has become incredibly pervasive in the current culture with sharing information and media. Media is easily shared and accessed around the globe through countless online channels, as well as being integrated into mobile apps for the utmost convenience. Yes, this information is readily available. But, the biggest mistake to make is to assume that all this information will always be readily available.

Becoming accustomed to convenience allows a new set of complications to surface. The easier it is to share and access media on the various online platforms available, the more we take these online sources for granted. Technology continues to grow at a rapid pace, but these operating systems are not immune to a distinct set of vulnerabilities.

What Is SoundCloud?

With music streaming platforms such as SoundCloud, artists or songwriters hoping to break into the music industry can easily share their own music with various users around the world. SoundCloud is a great digital channel for artists to gain exposure or recognition for the music they’ve created.

That’s not it. For those that haven’t been blessed with the talent to create their own music, this is a platform that allows you to browse songs from all over the world. If you’re tired of mainstream songs that have been overplayed on the radio, SoundCloud grants you access to many talented underground artists or exclusive songs from established artists using the platform.This allows you to curate a unique music playlist.

Back Up Your Files

Because the music offered on such streaming platforms are one of a kind, it is important to remember to back up these songs. The last thing you would want to happen is for you to log into your account to find that all the hidden gems you’ve spent countless hours digging up have vanished.

Whether you’re concerned about losing your uniquely crafted playlist, or you are one of these underground artists – back up your files. Backing up in this case means making sure you have access to these files in the event technology fails you. Download and save these files onto other media channels – file sharing apps, a USB, or even a CD. It is better to be safe than sorry.



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