Why Your Business Card Design Should Be Unique, Not Cheap

Why Your Business Card Design Should Be Unique, Not Cheap

Written by Jaron Lewis

No matter where you are in your business – just starting out or established – you can benefit from a uniquely designed business card. When you’re building your brand, the look of it is important because you’re not just giving someone something pleasant to look at – you’re building the identity of your brand.

Even if you’re just an online storefront, your offline presence is going to be important. A lot of people will look for places to get their business cards cheap, but you should be looking to get your business cards unique.

What Do Unique Business Cards Do For You?

What unique business cards do for you is offer you the chance to make an interpersonal connection – a physical representation of human connection between two or more people. This is how you start to build lasting relationships with customers and other connections.

Always keep them handy, especially at networking events, conferences, or even in airports. You have the ability to sell yourself wherever you might be, and you never know where you might find your next big client.

Business Card Services

When looking for a designer for your business stationary (including your business cards), look no further than Fiverr. Though the website is known for $5 “gigs,” you want to take a look at the pro gigs, which are going to be more.

You can pay for a cheap design, but remember you’re going to get what you pay for – instead, consider shelling out the money for a good, unique design that will become the face of your brand and ultimately resonate with customers more than a run-of-the-mill design that everyone else has.

Designers We Love

For a professionally designed, unique business cards by designers with years of experience, expect to pay from $200 on the cheaper end to $300 or $400. This is because you will not only have the unique design, but the rights to that design – plus the experience and expertise of the designer behind it.

Top rated sellers like “alonda” offer basic business cards, ready to print, for $325 here, while another seller, “lara1984” offers minimalist cards by a branding specialist for $150 here. Both of these sellers have experience and expertise, are verified professionals by Fiverr, and can ultimately offer you business cards that you can use for the length of your business. Though the prices may seem steep, you get the quality that you’re willing to pay for, and it’s important to keep that in mind.



There are a variety of services out there offered to those looking for someone to create business cards. Vistaprint offers the ability to print your own design or choose a template – remember, you want unique, so it’s a good idea to pay for someone to design you something that will stick with your customers for a long time. There are plenty of packages that offer Vistaprint free business cards in addition to an order on Vistaprint.



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