11 Out-Of-The-Box Tips To Grow Your Music Email List

11 Out-Of-The-Box Tips To Grow Your Music Email List

Written by Jaron Lewis

As an up and coming band the biggest thing to promote your music is growing the number of people you’re reaching with the latest news and shows. Having social media pages can only go so far and emails and newsletters are shown to work a lot better. If you’re wondering how to get email subscribers for your blog and how to increase your newsletter subscribers then you’ve come to the right place. These 11 tips should make the growth of your email subscription soar in no time.

Tips 1-5

  1. Reward fans with a free track or stream when they sign up to the newsletter! People will sign up for anything if it involves getting free stuff.
  2. Make sure you have a signup sheet at your merch desk for shows. People are more likely to sign up if you’re there in front of them. You can even give away free badges in return for signing up!
  3. Put an email sign up on your website and make sure the email sign up wording is perfect. You want it to be clear, concise and draw people in. Mention what people will get out of it (pre-release tickets, a free track, 10% off merch online).
  4. Put calls to action at the end of blog entries and social media posts. A simple ‘sign up to the newsletter for the latest info’ will remind people to sign up.
  5. Hand out fliers on the streets. It might be old school but it shows you’re willing to put the time and effort in to promoting your band!

Tips 6-11

  1. Don’t forget about the people that already follow your every word avidly. For the newsletter followers in your fans, give them perks and they’ll convince others to sign up too.
  2. Make sure the newsletters and your brand represent you as a band. People want to see the real you and won’t be convinced by anything fake, even if it’s the latest trend. If it’s not you then don’t put it out there!
  3. Hold a raffle. Whether it’s giving away a free tee or a signed cd, make sure people have to sign up to the newsletter in order to be in with a chance of winning!
  4. Trade email lists with other bands that are a similar style to yours. This little boost is more likely to win you fans than approaching random people!
  5. Embed a signup into your Facebook page to make it easier for people to join up.
  6. Engage with fans on a more personal level through the newsletter. Whether it’s an art contest or just featuring a picture someone sent into you, they’ll want to tell everyone they know about it and might convince a few to sign up to the newsletter.

Networking Networking Networking

Networking is absolutely key when you’re an up and coming band so just keep pushing and you’ll find the numbers stack up pretty quickly.



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