5 Polls You Can Place on Facebook Instagram YouTube & Twitter To Increase Fan Engagement

5 Polls You Can Place on Facebook Instagram YouTube & Twitter To Increase Fan Engagement

Written by Jaron Lewis

By now, you fully understand just how important it is to engage your fans. However, it is not enough to just post regularly on social media accounts. Through the use of things like Instagram poll questions, you can better engage your fans.

This will help you to understand not only how important it is to do things like Facebook polls for musicians but also give you suggestions for Instagram poll ideas. By reading on, you will learn just one more way that social media is essential to your budding career.

Here Are Some Poll Questions To Ask

“Will You Join the Live Stream Tonight?”

“How Did You Learn About My/Our Music?”

“Should I Do an Acoustic or A Capella Set?”

“What Cover Do You Want to Here?”

“Where Should the Next Show Be?”

You want to be sure that you get creative with your poll questions. It can be very boring for everyone involved if you always ask the same question with the same answers. Mix it up a little bit to encourage fans to actually participate.

It is also important to know that there is such thing as overusing polls. You want your audience to feel like they are being engaged not being used as a focus group. Stick to doing polls no more than once a week.

Respond To Your Fans

Polls are for engagement. If a fan participates in your polls, they are initiating a conversation with you. If they leave a comment, be sure to respond to it. You should be responsive even when the polls have closed. You will want to let your audience know what you are going to do with this information and thank them for their time. They spent the time to answer your question, the least that you can do is thank them for this.

Final Tips

Being responsive and creative is crucial, but these aspects are only part of what you need to maximize these polls. Another part of this is when you set up your polls to go live. To maximize the engagement with your polls, you should be sure to make them go live when your audience is active on your social media. Each social media account has their own “high engagement” time of day, so you will need to do your research to see when this is.

Polls are a great way to engage your fans and help new fans discover who you are. If you are looking for ways to drastically improve fan engagement, polls can be a very simple solution. Fans love knowing that they are being heard by their favorite artists and polls give them the perfect opportunity to express their thoughts. By having polls on your social media pages, you are not only engaging your fans, but you are also showing your fans that you can about what they have to say. Polls are a fun addition to your social media accounts.



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