Cheap Soundcloud & Spotify Plays Review: Why You Don’t Want to Buy These

Cheap Soundcloud & Spotify Plays Review: Why You Don’t Want to Buy These

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Written by Omari

You keep seeing ads about how you can “buy Soundcloud plays cheap”, but you may be wondering if you can trust these companies. You may be able to buy Spotify plays cheap, but is it worth it? Spotify play booster services or other similar services may not be exactly what you think they are. This will help you to understand why you shouldn’t buy these and instead, find better alternatives for growing your audience.

Why You Don’t Want To Buy These

One of the biggest reasons not to buy these is because you lose the benefits of having an actual fanbase. You can get amazing feedback, both negative and positive on your music that will help you to grow as an artist. Constructive criticism will help you to improve as an artist, but you won’t get this if you just buy views. Do your fans seem to favor one song over another? Thanks to positive feedback, you can focus your marketing and promotional efforts on that song to maximize your results.

Cheap does NOT equal good. What would you rather have: 20,000 plays with 3 likes and 1 comment or 3,000 plays with 107 likes and 12 comments? I’ll take the latter because at least people are interacting with my music!

You also run the risk of hurting your online presence. A lot of these services violate the terms and conditions of the streaming platforms, which could lead to your accounts being shut down. There is also the risk that your distributor will suspend your accounts.


How Music Distributors Catch Fake Plays

Distributors like Distrokid, Tunecore, CD Baby, and Awal all have to pay you royalties. You think they’re not going to develop technology to protect their business from people who are trying to game the system on streaming revenue?

Fake plays give fake profits to an artist that haven’t been really earned. Companies like Spotify and Soundcloud don’t want to have to give money out to people who don’t earn it and distributors will drop clients that do this in order to keep a strong working relationships with these websites.

Despite what you think, it is very easy for professional companies to spot accounts that purchase views, plays, and likes. They will pass over accounts that they feel are fake when looking at new talent and stick with the more organic accounts. There is no retention in these plays. Once the person who has been paid to check out your account has finished the task, they move onto the next client. You want real fans that are going to continually come back as a way to check out your music.

Retaining fans is a more important aspect of growing your career than just getting boosts that are temporary. You may not get as much of a return on your investment as you think you would, which is just another reason why you should avoid buying cheap or fake plays.

The Best Way To Grow Your Audience

The best way to grow your audience on these types of sites is by organically growing your audience. This may be a slower approach, but it is the one that is going to offer you the best results. You will have an audience that engages with you and continues to come back every time you release new music. You want fans that consistently return to your page. As you start doing things like live shows or selling music and merch, these are the fans that are going to actively seek you out. Buying plays may give you a temporary boost, but this temporary boost may not be as great as you think it will be.

We encourage you to get organic music promotion, not plays!

The difference is will never tell you that you can get a minimum number of likes, comments, or saves on SoundCloud, Spotify, or YouTube.

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Where To Get Organic Music Promotion

For our service, we never guarantee that because you can’t predict how people will react to a song. We also give out our ebook, ‘The Unconventional 6-Figure Music Business’ with every purchase. It gives you tips on how to actually earn some revenue in the music business and not just rely on streaming revenue. A good number of our customers say the ebook itself is worth the cost of the promotion package they ordered!

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