Do Bands And Artists Still Need Press Kits?

Do Bands And Artists Still Need Press Kits?

Written by Jaron Lewis

You may be wondering if as an artist, you still need press kits to help promote your band. The reality is that even with all of the technology available to you right now, press kits are still the way to go.

You can get music press kit services that will ensure that your press kit drives the publicity. Don’t have the money for that? You can get access to a band press kit template or look up a rap artist press kit example to help you create your own.

Birth Of The Electronic Press Kit

While you could argue that there may not be a need for the traditional press kit, you cannot deny the fact that you will need to have an electronic press kit. Electronic press kits are far more advantageous for musicians to have these days than the traditional press kits and there are a few reasons for that.

One reason is because they are more efficient to distribute. You can send a single press kit out to many different people with only really a touch of a button. These are also a cost-effective way for you to get your press kits out since you do not have to worry about things like printing or shipping costs. The last big benefit that you get through electronic press kit is that you are not limited by media. You can include videos, games, or other types of media directly into your press release.

Make Sure To Have A Purpose

You do need to have a purpose when you send out your press kit. This purpose could be to promote an upcoming show or maybe you have just released a new track. This press kit could also be sent to record labels to try getting interest in their music to expand their careers.

You have to think about the goals for your press kit before you send them out because you want to make sure that you lure people in. A general “look at us” press kit will not be effective but a “check out our new music video” will draw in an audience.

Your electronic press kit should be thought of as your website, checkout how to make a quality music website that sells for cheap if you don’t already have one. The electronic press kit will really compliment your website, so keep that in mind when you are deciding on how to create one or if you are going to hire an outside person to create one for you.

They Are Here To Stay

There is no sign that press kits are going away anytime soon. Traditional press kits may be moving towards becoming obsolete, but electronic press kits are only becoming more important for musicians who want to get a bigger audience.

All of the same benefits of a traditional press kit can be gained by using an electronic press kit (EPK), with the additional benefits of just being more budget friendly. As a musician, press kits could hold the key to have a higher level of success in the industry.



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