Free Spotify Followers & Listeners: How To Avoid The Common Scams

Free Spotify Followers & Listeners: How To Avoid The Common Scams

Written by Jaron Lewis

Spotify: a music platform unlike many others. One of the largest streaming platforms with over 140 million users (almost 50% of that number are paying subscribers). So how do you get free spotify followers. Well, the fact is that getting followers on spotify that would continue to follow is no mean feat. However I would share some techniques that have been proven over time

Creating Good Content

The first and best way, before even beginning any campaign or play listing, is to create good content. Publicizing poor quality is just like building a house with sand- it would crumble eventually. Make sure that you have tracks that can on their own generate user content. In short, make a song that deserves to be  listened to!

Social Media And Mailing List

Gain, other methods of ‘earning’ spotify followers include using your social media well, having a mailing list that you send emails to regularly keeping them informed of your latest releases and adding a follow button to your website is also very important.

Play listing is also another method of generating your own theme and placing your songs, along with other artist’s songs. This can help listeners who are interested in your theme to get an ‘all in one’ kind of feeling.

Organic Promotion

Now, this article is based around free ways to gain Spotify followers. However, another way to gain Spotify followers is to purchase promotion for your channel or tracks. I must stress the fact that if you purchase promotion, make sure that it is organic.

By organic I mean that you are not just purchasing botted plays. This is an all too common trend with some "promoters". If you are looking for organic promotion, look no further than our promotion page or simply click the button below.


A Final Warning on Buying Spotify Followers

If you buy spotify followers, there are quite a number of sites that offer different packages for spotify followers buying. Depending on the number – ‘buy 250 spotify followers for $50’, ‘buy 1000 spotify followers for $100’ and so on. But I almost also sound a very loud note of warning that a lot of these sites are scams! There are a lot of them that would collect your money and still you get nothing in return. There are also some that would get you fake followers, using dubious methods to get the number they promised. So, if you must buy spotify followers, you must be very cautious.

When you want to buy spotify followers, check out the name , logo, website and branding of the company. Their mission statement and vision. When you see something vague, something unreal, and not precise, thread with caution. Beware of statements promising an easy win – they are most times scams!  

Again, their methods of promotion would also show if they are just out there to get your money. Make them explain to you step by step how they plan to get you the followers and make sure you understand it. So many of the fake ones would have shady or gray areas which is a pointer to the fact that they are not legit. One of the ways which some of these companies use, is play plugging. Which involves a third party playing a track on a spotify’s playlist. This method is not technically wrong, but the methods through which some of these companies get the tracks streamed are fraudulent. This could result in your tracks or album being removed by Spotify

Finally, when a company is not concerned about hearing your content, but already  are asking for money for promotion, BEWARE! It is most likely a scam. If you are a real marketer, the content you are marketing must be of interest to you. You do not buy spotify followers with scum!



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