How To (Legally) Download Songs From SoundCloud In Seconds

How To (Legally) Download Songs From SoundCloud In Seconds

Written by Jaron Lewis

SoundCloud is a social platform in which artist are able to record and upload their original content for users to listen to, comment, and share. This social platform is great, especially, for new artists looking to emerge in the entertainment business and is great for people to discover new music or new sounds. SoundCloud is not just for music. It is also for users to upload, or listen to, podcasts.

For those who use SoundCloud to listen to music, or podcasts, once you like a particular song, or podcast, SoundCloud will recognize your “like” and try to recommend similar sounds for you to listen to. As a streaming app, it is great for iPhone users. However, what happens when you would rather listen to those sounds offline?

Soundcloud Downloader

SoundCloud offers ways to download the sounds you listen to. However, to download the sounds, the creator of that file must give SoundCloud permission to make the file downloadable. If the artist has created downloadable content, all you have to do is download SoundCloud Downloader.

Once you have this application, you can download the songs to your iPhone and even make playlists. The only downside to using SoundCloud Downloader is that it will only give you songs that artists have made downloadable. So if there is a certain song you want to listen to offline, but the content is not downloadable, then that particular song will not show up in the SoundCloud Downloader app. Do not worry! There is still another solution … and it is legal.

Third Party Apps

Third party apps are designed to offer users what the original apps cannot. So if you want to download a song from SoundCloud that is not available in SoundCloud Downloader, stay tuned to learn how to download music from SoundCloud. Download service sites are available to those who want to download, and make playlists, from songs that are on SoundCloud. Some apps let the artists make follow-to-download gateways.

A follow-to-download gateway allows for listeners to exchange the download of a song for a follow, like, and repost on SoundCloud. It is a popular tool artists use to help get more SoundCloud followers.

Check out the video below to get started!


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