How To Grow Your Spotify Followers At A Crazy Pace

How To Grow Your Spotify Followers At A Crazy Pace

Written by Jaron Lewis

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1. Get Your Website Ready

Your website is the face of your brand. Before inviting others to learn about your group, create a site that effectively advertises its strength. This should be the hub of all social media presence. If you’re a musician, using social media outlets like Facebook is best reserved for events. Your website should be where you put any extra things like merch shops and your most notable playlists.

2. Create Spotify Playlists Towards Different Audiences

Getting your music on a Spotify playlist is a great way to start building a following. It's also a good idea to start a playlist of your own and build a buzz around that.

To get more people excited about your playlists or music you should cast as wide a net as you can. Many people are into different genres. Lots of House and Trance fans are also into Hip-Hop, lots of punk or classic rock fans are also into alternative rock or R&B. If you can help it, don’t restrict yourself to one genre. This way you can mix and match, creating new and interesting sounds.

Get Featured In Spotify Playlists

3. Create a Campaign Plan

Make a game plan of how you intend on growing your followers. This article is a great start, but detail how you’re going to implement it in your life. How will you advertise your music? Will you take advantage of trending topics?

Out of all your ideas, which ones will you follow? How long will you give yourself to reach the number you hope to reach? Is it realistic? Creating a roadmap will make the process clearer.

4. Advertising With Reddit

Reddit is a good community to flex your Spotify muscles and get others to hear your music. Reddit has a contest every month to find the best Spotify playlist matching some criteria. In addition, users regularly submit request for a type of playlist. For instance, “I need a clean hip hop playlist for a graduation.”

5. Facebook, Twitter and All The Rest

Other social media platforms can spread the word about your playlist. Creating a Facebook page may be a bit much if you’re not an artist and are solely trying to get fans to listen to your playlist. For those falling into that category, twitter is your friend.

It’s short and sweet, allowing fans to focus solely on the playlist. For musicians, this is the place to post your Spotify playlist among other things involving the band.

6. Contact Music Bloggers

Getting a music blogger to respond to your playlist will create traffic. Try to get them to embed your playlist (or song) in their article. This will generate traffic, if not followers.

7. Contact Artists On Your Playlists

If there are indie artists on your playlist, contacting them to promote your playlist can garner new fans. You could attempt to do this with larger artists, but they won’t comply as easier as indie musicians.

8. Contact Your Personal Network

As always, you can ask your friends to check out the playlist. A more physical way of gaining followers is to advertise your music in local bars, cafes and shops. Ask them to play it and maybe hang flyers for others to see and follow it.



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