How To Really Impress An A&R Music Coordinator

How To Really Impress An A&R Music Coordinator

Written by Jaron Lewis & Omari MC

Impressing music executives is a key way an artist can be discovered. The executives that you want to impress are A&R or Artists and repertoire agents. These men and women scour the world looking for talent in all sorts of places. If you're an upcoming performer and you want to become their next big project, there are steps you need to take. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, so hope for luck to go along with your talent.

Arguably, some music blogs are now acting as A&R's in the industry, but the traditional A&R still has the power to network you with some key music executives that can significantly boost your career.

Tips On Persuading Them

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So, what can you do to persuade them that you are worth their time? The first thing is to make sure you can sing, rap, and that you have brilliant songs to showcase. Don't just rely on your friends to tell you you're great. Once complete strangers are willing to monetarily support your craft, that's when you start to have something on your hands. Having a pre-established fan base is becoming more and more necessary as we progress into the 21st century. Because of this, social media should be a close ally.

If you don’t have one already, start an Instagram, SoundCloud or YouTube music account to have a place to show people your music. In addition, having a regular place to perform, whether it be a bar or club is beneficial to get fans. Having a fanbase shows that you are marketable, meaning that if you were brought into the world stage, people would follow you.

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Be Sure This Is What You Want

If you haven’t decided if you want to be a singer yet, turn back now because A&R coordinates aren’t looking for anyone who isn’t sure of themselves. They are looking for someone that can stand within the spotlight for a long time. Typically, young artists are more marketable as they can keep and grow their fan base as they age. This doesn’t mean that older artists have no hope, as another method is knowing your USP or unique selling point. Not only does this separate you from the rest of the crowd, but it shows that you have a mind for business as well as a marketable talent and how serious you are to make this work.

Although being older superficially hurts your chances, it also increases the likelihood that you’ll have things that will hold you back from being completely immersed in your music. Typically, those who have spouses, children, or substantial domestic responsibility are rejected as they won’t be able to handle the traveling that goes along with the business.

This is if you're thinking of being a singer in the record label sense and touring (which is why this article is mentioning A&R's in the first place!)

Have Your Own Sound

With all that said, make sure you have a unique sound. Most A&R coordinators look for those, not only with marketability, but also those who have potential hits or have a signature sound. It isn’t enough to just be good at singing anymore as there are many that are. Providing a catchy tune to an A&R coordinator will greatly increase your chances of getting signed. Remember, they don’t want clones, they want originality.

Keep Working

A&R coordinators are simply looking for good investments. They don’t want to spend their time building you up, just to fail in the end. However bleak it may seem though, don’t give up hope. Many A&R coordinators know talent when they see it. Take those at Interscope Records A&R agents. They discovered the likes of: Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Dr. Dre, 50 CentKendrick Lamar, Madonna, Maroon 5, Lana Del Ray, Katy Perry, and many others. So be diligent and stay on your toes! You never know when opportunity will strike.



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