How to (Successfully) Release an EP, LP, Album, Single, or Mixtape: Proven Marketing Strategy

How to (Successfully) Release an EP, LP, Album, Single, or Mixtape: Proven Marketing Strategy

Written by Cameron Mayo

Planning to release your own music? Have you figured out yet what album release strategy can work best for you? Deciding between a mixtape and an album, or a single and an EP can be hard, and promoting it can be even harder. Here are some tips for releasing your music.

The Basics: Understanding Single, EP, LP, Album, and Mixtape

Singles are generally records consist of two and up to five songs which may contain multiple versions – acoustic, clean (radio edit), remixed, or instrumental. Typically the entire single set lasts 30 minutes.

EP stands for Extended Playlist or simply Extended Play. It is a collection of songs that is not big enough to be a full album. Often, EPs are used as a prequel to an album.

LP means Long Play. It's just another name for a full-length album.

Album refers to the compilation of several tracks (anywhere from 7 to 15) in a single medium such as CD or audio tape.

Mixtapes are compilation of songs, original or cover, usually given out for free for promotional purposes.

Successfully Releasing an EP, LP, Album, Single or Mixtape

Before you jump into the idea on how to promote a single release and ultimately, releasing your music album, it’s crucial to set up a foundation. With the rise of online music platforms, it is easy to find groups that like your genre. Take advantage of this to reach your targeted audience online.

Here are some tips on how to boost your success when releasing your music:

1. The Proper Order

One of the keys to successfully launching your new music is knowing when and how to release an EP independently. First off, you need a fanbase. One way to build a following is by offering a short EP as a sort of incentive to sign up for your newsletter. Then, you can follow up with a new single or EP release.

Alternatively, you can release singles first prior to your EP. Why? Note that people now have shorter attention spans. The idea now is to release music more frequently and develop more following once you catch your fan’s attention. Right there is your chance on how to successfully release an ep.

Once you’ve got a few songs under your belt, you can release bigger works to enhance your exposure either in a form of mixtape, LP (an album) if you think you have created enough buzz and gained some recognition for your music.

2. Take Advantage Of Promotional Tools

You can use mailing lists, share and promote your music on websites such as Bandcamp and YouTube, and use the social media platforms to boost your exposure and reach bigger audiences. If you feel you are maxing your personal reach, look for promoters that can help you out. Be sure that they are not sharing to bots or play farms. You want legit, organic promotion for your music.

3. Timing And Promotion Matters

How to (Successfully) Release an EP, LP, Album, Single, or Mixtape: Proven Marketing Strategy

Set up a plan for your promotional strategies ahead of time. Timing can mean the difference between getting noticed and simply letting your efforts be wasted. So, use social media and other digital platforms to promote your music. Consider, reaching out to news sources with a press release. Writers are always looking for something to write about.

Also, be sure treat your fans well. Include in your marketing schedule special offers to the people who already love your music so they love you even more. This helps convert your listeners into brand ambassadors. 

My last bit of advice: don't let all this marketing stuff distract you from your craft. If you have great social media presence, but your music starts to slip, you've shot yourself in the foot. Keep the music at the core of what you do and all these marketing ideas as things to support it.

Good luck with your release!




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