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Music Breakr Review: What Artists & Influencers Must Know

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

With social media being such a significant factor in our everyday lives, there's no question why social media marketing has completely taken over all other forms of marketing that we once knew before. Especially when it comes to music, we are now so submerged in the technology era that almost everything in this business can be performed digitally — and more efficiently than it previously was. 

The increase of technology dependency has been frowned upon by many, but it also has paved a new way of opportunity for many more. Influencers are a large part of what makes social media so beneficial for businesses and musicians alike. These influencers are now using their online popularity to sell and promote products and services to their vast amount of followers. Hints, them influencing others to make purchases. 

So, this is where influencer marketing comes in — and it has become extremely sought-after due to its high effectiveness and overall turn around in sales. But if you’ve been on social media in the last couple of years, you know that there is a ton of spam and cold DM’s from people claiming to be influencers, or either wanting you to become an influencer, but then it really turns out to be nothing but a false claim.

As a general rule of thumb, not all influencers get you unprecedented results. Influencers are chosen because they have something in common with the business or entity that they are working with. For influencer marketing to truly work, the influencer has to be inclined to a particular product in order to promote it to their followers. So in terms of an artist seeking to find an influencer to market their music for them — it must come organically and be done by someone who genuinely enjoys your music and wants to share it with others. 

That's where apps like Music Breakr come in to help — Music Breakr is an innovative platform that seeks to connect artists and creators with highly influential social media figures in order to ‘break’ their music to the public through compelling content. Instead of sending out tons of submissions to influencers and spending tons of money in hopes someone will market your music for you, this app bridges the gap by fostering genuine connections between creatives and influencers in order for effective marketing campaigns to occur.  

We know that influencer marketing is beneficial to musicians and in very high demand, but because of this demand there is an overwhelming amount of substandard services that people attempt to provide with little to no results. Now, you no longer have to worry about funneling out the gimmicks people claim to offer on social media. Music Breakr does the vetting for you and pairs the creatives on their platform with premium influencers that are able to bring you and your music the recognition it deserves. 

In this article, we are going to give you a complete and unfiltered review about Music Breakr — explaining everything you need to know before joining the platform. So, if you are an artist looking to break your music to the world, keep on reading to learn how this platform can help you achieve your goals. 

What is Music Breakr?

Music Breakr is a company founded in 2020 by two Chicago natives, who set out to create a lane for independent artists. The app bridges the gap between DJs, artists, and other creatives who aim to have their music heard by the masses. The objective of the platform is to foster collaborations within their network of about 50,000 creators across 133 countries. 

Since the launch of Breakr, they have raised an impressive $4 million in seed money to fund their endeavors, and have also lined up a group of investors with names including hip-hop artist Nas and retired NBA All-Star Baron Davis, among many others. 

This new startup company now benefits artists and influencers alike by letting them set up profiles, create specific campaigns, and connect both parties based on matching interest, goals, genres, and other criteria. Once the artist and influencer are matched, influencers go through a verification process and once accepted, they then begin getting paid through the platform. 

This process ensures that no one poses a risk of losing their money and all influences get equal opportunity to get discovered and collaborate with artists. The startup has quickly made a wave with over 50,000 creators worldwide and almost 1 billion followers of their platform. 

Reportedly, Breakr has the potential to generate 150 million views for emerging artists, which then helps them gain their desired recognition without having to go through the hassles of hefty advertising costs. This means, for artists, you can reach out to your favorite influencers that help complement your music, have a secure payment method, and get better results than with any other method that is currently available on the market now.  

As for influencers, whether you are a beginner or have a brand of your own, you all have equal chances of getting discovered based on your engagement rate and the results you have yielded to your past clients. With this, you can also make sure that you never get scammed for your services or have to deal with the hassle and liability that comes with representing yourself alone as a business entity on the web. 

How Does Breakr Work?

Now that you are aware of the fundamentals, it's time we look into how Breakr works and the different ways you can leverage this platform in your favor. Here, you can use the unique approach in the saturated music market and work by impressing your audience through your music and leaving the algorithm work to the influencers. 

One of the best things that people love about Breakr is how easy it is to operate and solve music discovery. To get started, search for the campaigns you want to carry out, your price range, tags, and date to get a list of all the potential influencers who are ready to work with you.  

Later, you can reach out to these influencers, discuss various requirements, submit your clip and get ready to see it live the very next day! As for the aftermath, your payment will be held in escrow until the influencer proves the live music and the Breakr team verifies its existence.

The company has integrations with many other reputable marketing platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. To bear in mind, your music must be on at least one of these platforms to help influencers leverage the music on these specific platforms.

Apart from that, here's what you need to do to start distributing your music effectively:


You get added perks by reaching out to influencers on Breakr because they are likely to share their TikTok videos on other platforms such as Instagram Reels or Facebook stories for increased exposure. Therefore, you need to strategically look for influencers with great engagement on all social media sites to make the most out of the deal. 

However, if you are an influencer yourself and are looking for artists to promote for… start by setting up a complete profile, have music preferences, and prompt digital campaigns you previously had with previous clients. This will help with your influencer submission and show you are a high-quality and reputable client, thus bettering your chances of approval by Breakr.


Now that both artists and influencers have set up profiles and campaigns to move forward and start finding people with similar interests, goals, and budgets, you can begin seamlessly connecting with others to help bring your specific goals into reality. 

No more cold calls, no more random DM’s, no more unfulfilled promises or unorganized business plans — Music Breakr does all the work and vetting for you and places the right artists with the right influencers so their music actually gets the recognition and promotion it deserves. 


The good thing about Breakr is whether you have one million followers or one thousand, influencers across different digital networks can earn according to not their reputation but the quality of content they are likely to create for their clients. 

This factor cuts through the competition and solely rewards you based on the quality you provide to your customers. So to effectively grow on the Breakr platform, you have to  reach out to the right influencers who are armed with just the right kind of audience you want to spread your music to. 

Moreover, before diving headfirst into choosing the first influencer you find on Breakr, I suggest you contemplate different options, carry out an entire planning process, and work strategically to make the most out of every effort and campaign you put into the platform. 

Just like every other marketing site, you can’t rely solely on an entity to do the heavy lifting for you. Though these sort of companies make it much easier on the creatives — there is still a bit of research and vetting you must do in order to find which technique or what person will work for you the best. 

As there is no one-method-works-for-all secret here, you need to personalize your own proposals and marketing strategies to figure out a way to give you a competitive edge over all the other artists and influencers on Music Breakr.

Can I Use Breakr as Both an Artist & Influencer?

When it comes to influencers on Breakr, they are hired to bridge the gap between their audience and the artists they are promoting for. In order to promote the music in a proper and effective way, they want to show viewers something that they will deeply engage with and be interested in hearing more of... not just show them another ad or song on their feed that they will skip through after a few seconds of seeing/hearing.

But the question arises from many — what if I am an influencer and an artist? Well, that is honestly a great problem to have and means that you are doing something right on social media. So, if you are both an artist and influencer on Breakr, you can simply switch the role by switching to a different dashboard and gain the best of both worlds. 

This way, you have multiple opportunities to grow from the platform and build connections with your clients and other influencers, who can inevitably help collaborate with you to promote your tracks or promote your influencer services.  

Simply head over to "My Dashboard" and click on the button at the bottom left of the screen to get started with your journey as an artist and influencer on Breakr. Reach out to the right influencers and different ways to gain maximum exposure on the internet through Breakr. Once you have mastered that with consistency and practice, there is no way you will be able to deny the credibility that influencers have had on your music’s influx of popularity online.

Wrapping Up

As we all know how TikTok songs and videos can be so catchy and hard to get out of our mind — this is exactly what Music Breakr makes use of. All of the trends, lip-syncing battles, viral dance challenges, plus more are almost too irresistible to stop the endless scrolling.

The idea behind Music Breakr is to use the influencers that already exist on these social platforms and leverage them to help spread the music of independent and upcoming artists to their preexisting and loyal fanbases.

Though Music Breakr is still fairly early on the scene, it can prove to be highly effective for both artists and influencers if they put in the proper amount of work that is necessary in order to get success out of the platform. 

The thing about Breakr is that it costs relatively less to get you the results that you normally would get from other expensive advertising and marketing companies . This is why most artists sign up in the first place — because what do you have to lose? 

Another thing you get to see from Breakr is a community of influencers dancing to your song that will not only give you a boost of satisfaction, but the resharing and the Hashtag functionality which also makes it easier to get you discovered on various social media platforms. Even if you don’t find the right influencers to match up with your campaign, it is yet another social platform you can share your song on in hopes the right person will find it, share it, and begin the trend of it going viral.

Therefore, if you are new to the music industry and eagerly looking for your breakthrough on the web, you can never go wrong with the advanced features of Music Breakr that can make it effortless to find, contact, deal, and grow with influencers.

With all of this being said, we definitely recommend you try out Music Breakr. The same goes with almost any platform — you will always get out what you put in.

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