Submit Music To DJs, A&R, & Bloggers (Who Actually Want Your Submissions)

Submit Music To DJs, A&R, & Bloggers (Who Actually Want Your Submissions)

Written by Cameron Mayo

To become a popular musician, you need have more than just talent and some good tracks. You need an marketing plan so that the world has a chance to hear your music. The plan should involve a strong social media presence and reaching out to DJs, A&Rs, and Bloggers.

DJs play music on radio stations or streaming channels. A&Rs scout for new musicians and broker contract with recording studios. Bloggers write about and share music to their readers. All these are important parts of building a public profile and developing a fanbase.

However, you can’t necessarily just submit music to club DJs for fear of getting lost in the mix.

There are free music submission sites, but you may not get anywhere with them. You need to know who to approach and how to do it in a way that will maximize your chances of getting your music out there. You may not get great results if you blindly submit to DJ pools.

This article will take a look at how to increase your chances of getting your submissions noticed.



The first thing that you should do is look for places that will actually take in your submission because some DJs or blogger won't accept unsolicited submissions.

Others will have strict guidelines (genre, length, number of songs, etc.) about submissions that must be followed. If you don’t follow these guidelines, they will toss your submission aside without giving it a listen.

Some places have very strict requirements for the type of files that you may send. Some prefer links while others prefer CDs. Regardless of file type, it is also important that you have high-quality music. If your music is not saved in a nice enough format or not mixed and mastered well, DJs won't play and bloggers will let everyone know it sounds unprofessional.


There are also tools like SubmitHub and DropTrack. These website can do all of the legwork for you when it comes to submitting music to bloggers and DJs. To start, all you need to do is upload your music.

With DropTrack, you can easily send out your music to DJs and radio stations using a very easy-to-use interface.

SubmitHub gives you information on different blogs that will accept your submissions. The site lists all of the information you need when doing research on bloggers in one convenience location.

These are both great tools that help make submitting your music faster and easier.

Submit Music To DJs, A&R, & Bloggers (Who Actually Want Your Submissions)


The truth of the current music industry is that you have be a fierce self-advocate. You have to be actively submitting your music to as many influencers as possible.

Although sending your music to a blogger and asking for a review or feedback can be intimidating, it’s just part of being an independent musician. Hopefully, you will use some of this info to overcome some roadblock you might be facing and start getting featured on blogs and DJs channels.

As you communicate with influencers in the industry, your network will grow, promotion will get easier, and more people will accept your submissions. Keep up the hard work and good luck!

As you submit to blogs, you should consider contacting a promoter. SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube promotion is another important aspect to a good marketing plan and will boost public engagement with your music.




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