Top 10 Twitter Accounts All Aspiring Music Artists Should Follow Immediately

Top 10 Twitter Accounts All Aspiring Music Artists Should Follow Immediately

Written by Jaron Lewis

The music industry is busy and keeping up to date with the latest news and trends can be almost impossible! Fortunately, the world we live in is full of tools to help us stay in touch with people all around the world and stay tuned into the latest news to hit the headlines.

No matter what type of music you’re hoping to break into, you need to make connections and show that you’re in the know and these 10 twitter accounts will help you make your way into the music scene.

Top 10 Twitter Accounts For Musicians

  • Omari MC (@OmariMC)

    We work to bring you some of the hottest undiscovered music as well as tweet out links to our newest artist help articles.

    Add This Music (@AddThisMusic_)

    These guys are always tweeting out links to hot new music from every genre. Worth the follow for any music fan.

    1. The Daily Swarm (@thedailyswarm)

    These guys work hard to keep you up to date with all the goings on in the music industry. Though the majority of what they post is hard news, there are a lot of lighter stories to keep you up to date and are the best place to find out the new album releases 2017.

    1. Indie Music Filter (@indiemusicfiltr)

    This twitter account keeps you posted on the latest new album releases download and will help to inspire you through giving you a daily dosage of other indie bands. The best place to learn is through what others are doing.

    1. The Hype Machine (@hypem)

    One of the biggest music blogs in the industry, around 80% of what you’ve downloaded from iTunes will probably have been featured on here. With some of the most widespread content writers known to blogging, they cover all genres and are very up to date.

    1. Coke Machine Glow (@cmgzine)

    With all the latest info on new hip hop album releases along with a good smattering of indie and electronic, this is an eclectic choice of twitter handle.

    1. Bandzoogle (@bandzoogle)

    A website made by musicians for musicians, this twitter will gives you tips and tricks about how to improve the look and feel of your website. Your website is key in building a great fanbase and the guys at bandzoogle know this and want to help artists achieve the best.

    1. MusicClout (@musicclout)

    While twitter is a great way to promote your own music it’s also a great place to find out new opportunities. MusicClout posts the latest and most interesting opportunities for musicians to take advantage of.

    1. Hypebot (@hypebot)

    The perfect mix of info on the latest trends while offering sound advice, hypebot is an absolute must for new musicians.

    1. Gilles Peterson (@gillespeterson)

    One of the most on trend radio presenters the BBC has to offer, following Peterson will give you an insight into the music industry as a whole and some of the latest music to hit the airwaves.

    1. Day Trotter (daytrotter)

    One of the best places to find out about new indie bands that are making waves in the underground indie scene, this twitter handle not only tells you the bands are good but posts videos and tracks to back up their claims!

    1. Paste Magazine (pastemagazine)

    With a wide ranging focus on music as a whole, this twitter offers the latest and most on trend information going.



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