10 Absurd Music Industry Myths That People Still Believe

10 Absurd Music Industry Myths That People Still Believe

Written by Jaron Lewis

There are a million and one myths about the music industry that we’ve all heard before but now it’s time to get on board with some music industry facts. So if you’re interested in what is music industry and how the music industry works then read on and you’ll get all the facts.

The Truth About Signing A Record Deal


Signing a record deal does not mean you will be successful. A staggering 98% of acts that sign to a major record label fail. With this being the most common way to make it big in the music industry, it doesn’t hold out good signs for the likelihood of the majority of musicians making it big.



Streaming isn’t bad for the industry. Yes, you might be making less from streaming your songs initially, but if the song is popular it will keep bringing in money for every time it’s played. If you know what you're doing with your marketing on the back end, streaming can give you a much needed boost. As long as you're properly monetizing your site, selling your merchandise, and getting booked for more paying live shows, streaming isn't all that bad.


Big Venues Mean Bigger Gigs

Playing big venues doesn’t automatically get you into other big venues. Venues will hire their spaces out to anyone if they have enough money, so it’s more impressive to be selling out smaller venues than half filling larger ones.

It's Not Just About The Music

The music isn’t the only thing that matter. Yes, it might be a case of you wanting to get your music out there, but to get people listening you really do need to have the full package. Sounds, image, story, social media and playing live are all key to making waves in the music industry (depending on your genre and position in the field).

Sometimes, a good song with great music promotion will do far better than a great song with bad music promotion. Knowing these common flaws in today's music industry will help you succeed in the future.

TV Music Contests

Singing contest TV shows make big stars. Yes, there are some people that manage to win big out of these sorts of shows, but the majority of people that go on them don’t end up with the music career they had been dreaming of for years.

The label that signs them will give them an initial push, but if it doesn't work out after that, the artist is on their own.

Fame Does Not = Success

There are more than just struggling artists and superstars. Alright, we all seem to deem a successful musician as a famous one, but the fact of the matter is, there are plenty of artists out there making a living without becoming famous.

The ebook, Make Them Beg To Buy Your Music, details some in-depth info on how artists can make a living in the extremely overcrowded music scene.

You Need To Hit The Studio

The recording studio does matter but not for the title. The right studio will make your music come to life, but you can find any studio that’s kitted out with the best gear. Don’t fall into the trap of booking a studio just because you’ve heard of it.

Sometimes, if you set up your home studio right and learn some engineering, you can put out a quality product.

Promote Your Own Show

If you book a show, you need to promote it too! People won’t show up unless you put the effort into publicizing it, no matter how good you are.

--> How To Creatively Sell More Tickets For Your Concerts & Gigs

Develop Yourself As An Artist

Major record labels don’t develop musicians anymore. They are mostly interested only in the money side of things, so they tend to go for bands and artists that are already successful on some level.

Think of yourself a start up business and them as the investor. If they see enough potential, they'll put some money into you. If they don't think they can make money off you, they'll pass for the most part.

Be Your Own Publicist

You don’t need a publicist to get into the press. In fact, if you have the time you can save yourself a bunch of money by doing the press side of things yourself!



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