7 Things Every Album Release Listening Party Needs To Have

7 Things Every Album Release Listening Party Needs To Have

Written by Jaron Lewis

Your band did it! You all got together and were able to produce an album through countless hours of love and labor and make it to an album launch date. Before you chalk this one up on the scoreboard, there is still one more thing to plan and execute- the album release party. For the most successful celebration of your work, make sure you have these 7 essential album release party checklist items.The truth is that making a breakthrough in the music industry is not easy, and if you want to one day command a professional musician salary, then you need to take a multifaceted approach, and be willing to put in the hard work.

A Good Venue

The easiest listening party idea that comes to mind is a surefire venue. If the venue is just as hype as the album your band just made, then the release party will be great for sure. So, be careful when picking the venue to make sure you get the best reception from your fans and soon to be fans.

A Special Theme

Just like in college, themed parties are great. Pick a theme that relates to your band or the new album, preferably the new album, and run with it. A special theme party is a great way to attract more people and make the night less ordinary.


If you want to have a large number of listeners at the party, be ready to give away some freebies. People love getting things for free so why not use that to your advantage and get a bigger crowd with a raffle or competition. Why not go for a baked goods table and have mom whip up a few cookies for the fans?


People can’t come to the party if they don’t know about it so spread the word. Making sure people know where and when is the most important thing in drawing a crowd because the people can’t show up if they do not know about it. Don’t be afraid to use social media or radio ads, whatever it takes to boost followers.

This one ties into the one before. Find a promoter that can live tweet the night or a blogger that is passionate about your music. Either way, make sure that you have someone filming and sharing your hits with the world. Multiple forms of channeling this information would be the best. From radio ads to posters around town, make sure people are learning about your band.

Cool Invitations

Have a sweet invitation designed to inspire in people to attend the party. If the invitations are doing their job, then without knowing your band people will be appearing to listen to the music at album release party. Just be sure to stay true to the mission and vision of your band

Everything: pens, stickers, buttons, stamps, shirts, pants, records/ tapes, and of course discs. Just be prepared to sell some things and make some money. If the band merch stand is in a good location, then people will want to naturally want to buy something for your band. It would be a real shame if there was no table and there was not some sort of way to earn that revenue.



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