Awesome Organizations That Give Music Business Grants For Production, Individuals, & Songwriters

Awesome Organizations That Give Music Business Grants For Production, Individuals, & Songwriters

Written by Jaron Lewis

When you’re trying to get your name out there in the music industry it can seem like an almost impossible task. You know you’re good, your friends and family know you’re good but the money side of things just keeps letting you down. Lucky for you and others like you, there are grants out there that will help to boost every aspect of music production from individuals to producers. Getting your name out there doesn’t need to be impossible and these organizations are dedicated to improving the world of music.


The PRS is one of the biggest organizations working to fund up and coming talent on the music scene. Whether you’re in a band, an individual artist, a producer or a songwriter, they have a variety of grants that are specially catered for every group.

Grants for music production include the Writer Producer Fund which will help cover the costs of artist hire and developmental courses. The Composers Fund is one of the many individual music grants the company offers and supports the creative directive of composers, an area of music that is lacking new talent compared to some others.

Image Via The PRS Music Group

Help Musicians UK

Help Musicians UK is another organization that works towards helping rising talent to break through into the next step of their careers. New music grants are some of the most difficult to get funding for as trying to prove your talent when you are first starting out can be exceedingly hard. The Emerging Artist Fund offers 24 new artists and bands a grant of between £2000-£5000 to help artists that are highly talented and are aiming to make it big through a more DIY approach.

BBC Performing Arts Fund

The BBC is a massive organization that aims to give a lot back to the community. Each year they run the BBC Performing Arts Fund competition that gives people not only a chunk of money to put towards building their careers but also an opportunity to play on one of the biggest platforms in the world. By offering more than just the monetary value, this is one of the most competitive and sought after funds on the music market.

The Ace

The ACE (Art Council England) also offer a variety of funding options and with a lot of these being lottery funded, they are very community based. If you have begun on a business path to becoming a local musician with aims to build the community through it then check out what the ACE and National Lottery funding can do for you.

In Conclusion

No matter who you are in the music business, there is a lot of help on offer to get your career on the right path. Put the time into your work and the funding applications and you will feel the rewards. The only thing you won’t get funding for is if you’re not willing to put the time and effort in, music is hard work but if you’re willing to try then it’s also highly rewarding!



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