(Finally) How Indie Musicians Can Monetize Music On Facebook

(Finally) How Indie Musicians Can Monetize Music On Facebook

Written by Jaron Lewis

The problem that self-made artists have to struggle with is figuring out ways to make money from their craft. While other artists can find ways that are easy enough to do so, musicians struggle a bit here. YouTube has given a nice platform for artists, but this is not always enough.

Fortunately, now indie musicians can utilize Facebook video monetization partners to make money. This will help you understand how to monetize your Facebook videos as well as how to enable Facebook monetization.

How To Monetize Your Facebook Videos

Through partners and programs like Audience Network and Tunecore, Facebook users are able to monetize their videos. These are 2 very different approaches, but both have the same goal: to make indie musicians money by posting videos of their music online. Through the Audience Network, you are able to place ads in your live and on-demand videos. These ads can be a great source of income for musicians trying to earn money through their music.

The ability to place these ads in your live videos that you post to Facebook is a relatively new process, but it is one that shows a great deal of promise for users who broadcast their videos. These ad breaks only last up to 15 seconds and the broadcaster can earn a share of the subsequent ad revenue.

Tunecore doesn’t take any commissions. You get to keep 100% of the royalties and their reports are some of the best around, allowing you to get a really good insight into how well your music is doing.

The best thing, in my opinion, about Tunecore is their music publishing. You can submit to unlimited TV Shows, Films, and video games for a $75 one time fee. 

They're the industry leader for a reason in terms of music distribution and the wide variety of platforms they let you monetize on.

We're even partnered with Tunecore and may receive commission if you signup. We've combined forces with them as we believe they're one of the best!

How To Become Eligible For Monetization

You do need to be eligible for this program, meaning that you need to have 2,000 or more followers on your Facebook page as well as having reached over 300 concurrent viewers in a live video recently. If you do qualify, you can put in live ad breaks in your video by clicking the $ icon on your feed. If you do get the ability to join the monetization program, be sure to carefully read through the content guidelines and community standards. This will ensure that you are in compliance so that you will not run into any issues with your account.

A program like CD Baby is one where you turn to them to help you monetize your music. These programs, which you pay for, allow you to earn revenue for publishing your music.

You can get royalties when you use these programs through YouTube plays, international downloads, global streaming activities, and numerous other activities. This can be a good option if you are just starting out and have the ability to become a paying client of these companies.


As an indie musician, finding new and innovative ways of earning income while you are trying to get your big break. You should use all of the tools that you have available to you in order to make the most money that you can. In addition to using YouTube as a way to monetize your music, you can now use your Facebook account as well.

The more that you can get your music out there, the better your chances of building up a large audience for your music. Remember, you still need to build up a decent fan base if you want to be able to use Facebook monetize programs.



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