Top Entry Music Marketing Jobs Accepting Applications

Top Entry Music Marketing Jobs Accepting Applications

Written by Jaron Lewis

Looking for a job is never easy, but especially not in the music business. There are so many niches available and so many different positions that it can seem daunting to find the right one to apply to. We’ve narrowed down the list to help you with your search. Here’s the best entry level music marketing jobs we could find that will take applications now.

Becoming a member of the street team for a record label or band can really help you get your name out there and make awesome connections for your business life later on. Basically all this job entails is handing out information and merch to support the band or record label. For this job you should have an outgoing personality and be willing to talk to others, have a flexible schedule, and have an interest in marketing or promotion.

All of these are also qualities you’d need to make it in any music marketing job. It can definitely be a good start to build your connections and your career.

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If you’re an organized person that will stop at nothing to get your band that gig, this job is for you. Band manager isn’t ideal for everyone and is kind of hard to luck into, but if you can find this job it’s amazing. For an entry level position as a band manager, remember to start small. Try to help out a local band and see what all you can do for them.

Who knows, maybe they’ll be the next Red Hot Chili Peppers. Plus, in setting up all these shows and the marketing of the shows, you’ll gain valuable experience as well as connections for your future career.

These jobs you do have to be qualified for, but if you’ve taken audio courses or interned at a sound company, you can have the skills required to get a job like this. This is a good entry level job for those who possess the skills. I cannot stress enough that you do not want pursue this career if you know nothing about sound boards and audio engineering.

Hope This Helps 

There are a lot of challenges in finding a new job, especially in the music industry. We’ve made the search easy for you by listing entry level jobs that are easy to find. We’ve included some descriptions and some requirements that should help you narrow down your search andw find the right job for you.



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