United Masters Full Review: Honest & Legit Service or Scam?

United Masters Full Review: Honest & Legit Service or Scam?

Written by Jaron

United Masters is a digital distribution company that can help artists can exposure through digital platforms. They advertise themselves as being a record company in one app, so for this reason their mobile app is at the forefront of their pitch. 

What United Masters Can Help With

The distribution capabilities of the United Masters platform allows artists to make their music available online in a matter of seconds. This includes all the popular music streaming platforms. The ones they advertise on their website are:

Another impressive feature that United Masters provides its artists is the ability to create master links. Essentially, a master link allows fans to access an artist's song on any platform through one link. Think of it as a kind of landing page for an artist's song. 

United Masters also provides artists that sign with a free website through the platform. Music websites are a brilliant way for artists to interact with fans and the public online. On a website, artists can display recent song releases, merch, touring dates, music videos, pictures, and much more. 

Insights and Analytics

As artists grow to become more popular, it is important for them to keep track of their online performance so they can gain key insights from it. Luckily, United Masters makes it easy for their artists to do just that. Their mobile app allows artists to keep track of song performance, social media growth, and other important data. 

Exposure to Brands 

This is one of the major things that United Masters has going. Their wide range of brand partnerships gives artists a unique opportunity to gain exposure through advertisements, partnerships, and various promotions. Artists who get to enjoy this exposure to brands can earn more revenue and bring new fans to their music. 

Social Media Integration

Within the United Masters platform, there is built in social media integration for artists to take advantage of. This allows artists working with United Masters to easily interact with fans and the public on various social media accounts. 

What United Masters Doesn’t Help With

This one is kind of tricky. United Masters does have some mentions of marketing on their website, so it is important to talk about what exactly they provide in terms of marketing. 

United Masters will not do a lot to market an artist's music. They will work to get their artists featured on some reputable playlists, with Apple Music’s BASE:LINE being an example. It is important to keep in mind that this alone is not a comprehensive approach to marketing. Artists who work with United Masters should make a larger marketing effort aside from what the platform offers. 

On the bright side, United Masters provides its artists with some assets that will make their marketing efforts easier. This ties directly into the distribution methods that they offer. These things make an artist's music more easily accessible, which can make marketing campaigns more streamlined. 

How Much Does United Masters Cost

United Masters is an attractive option for many artists regarding digital distribution because there are different options to choose from in terms of royalties. 

The first option, and one that is more popular, is the 90/10 royalty split by United Masters. This lets artists keep 90% of the profits they make, while 10% goes to United Masters. What’s attractive about this offer to artists is that there is no upfront cost that needs to be paid. Therefore, it is a great option for smaller artists who can’t make a large investment upfront.

The second option provided by United Masters allows artists to keep 100% of the royalties. As you’ve probably guessed, there is an upfront cost associated with this option. United Masters is not upfront about the cost of this option, as they do not display it on their website. Artists will have to request an invitation to the platform to get more information about this option.

United Masters Pros and Cons

After reviewing what the United Masters platform has to offer for its artists, here are some of the pros and cons that we think are important. Artists should consider these before making a decision about United Masters. 


  • Distribution is easy and professional
  • Provides artists the tools to market and grow
  • Compatible with major online platforms
  • Name recognition because of their partnerships with brands and large artists
  • Caring customer support team
  • Keeps track of analytics and gives key insights


  • Does not take a comprehensive approach to marketing
  • The 10% royalty split can translate to a lot of money if an artist becomes popular

Wrapping Up

We do feel that it is a good service and can seriously benefit up and coming artists. Ultimately though it will be up to you to decide what the best distribution service is for you.

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