17 Hip Hop and R&B YouTube Music Promoters (That Actually Listen To Submissions)

17 Hip Hop and R&B YouTube Music Promoters (That Actually Listen To Submissions)

Written by Jaron Lewis

The heady days of record labels ruling the music industry are long gone. Now, musicians, producers, and artists have to find innovative ways of launching their music to the masses. Since digital has taken over the music industry, tech-savvy promoters have used the internet and the numerous platforms available to promote and launch new music and artists.


YouTube Is Powerful

Trendsetters within the music industry have begun to recognize the power and influence of YouTube.  This platform has given rise to new industry heavyweights - the YouTube music promoter.  Artists and producers in the electronic dance music (EDM) genre have long been using this platform to launch new music and promote new talent.  

There are still numerous artists and producers who have not tapped into this resource due to unawareness of its influence.  However, Hip Hop and R&B artists have cottoned-on to the trend.  Hip Hop and R&B YouTube promotion channels are here.  One of the most successful of these channels is Trap Nation,which has garnered over 12 million followers in just a short space of time.

Why Use YouTube Promotion Channels?

I am sure there are still many artists out there asking this question, and the answer is a simple one – because it makes sense to do so.

Youtube promo channels have a large audience that actually subscribes to the channel, so you are hitting your market directly.  These channels are genre specific and give you access to the largest streaming platform in the world today.  Not even record labels in the peak of their power had that much reach as YouTube today.

How Do You Get Your Song On The Channel Of Your Choice?

Should you be a first-timer for submitting a song to a music promo channel, then it is advisable to approach the smaller channels first.  These music promotion channels are usually managed by one or two individuals.  They are inundated with submissions from hundreds if not thousands of people a day.  You stand a better chance of getting accepted by a smaller channel.  This will give you exposure and a way to build you promo channel reputation.

Here is a quick tip for submitting.  Never send attachments in emails, rather send a SoundCloud link or URL.  Make your email personal and friendly.  Also, send links to your website, Bio and any other information the promoters will need to give you exposure.

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17 Promo Channels That Actually Listen

  1.      Trap Nation                Subscribers: 17 330 859             Genre: Hip Hop, Rap 
  2.      Rap Nation                  Subscribers: 1 772 674                Genre: Hip Hop and Rap
  3.      Chilhop Music            Subscribers: 1 274 715                 Genre: Hip Hop and Rap
  4.      I Am Hip-Hop            Subscribers: 344, 186                  Genre: Hip Hop and Rap
  5.      Stereohearts R&B      Subscribers: 327, 608                  Genre: RnB
  6.      Music Daily                 Subscribers: 244, 382                  Genre: All
  7.      Escape Tracks             Subscribers: 353, 985                  Genre: RnB
  8.      RnBass                          Subscribers: 136, 438                  Genre: Hip Hop, RnB
  9.      RnB Nation                  Subscribers: 185, 676                  Genre: Hip Hop andRnB
  10.   Beats and Culture          Subscribers: 51, 209                    Genre: Hip Hop and Rap
  11.  C’est La Vie                      Subscribers: 36,757                      Genre: Hip Hop and RnB
  12.  Steezy Tracks                   Subscribers 24,616                       Genre: Hip Hop and RnB
  13.  HotRnBSoundZ              Subscribers 22,100                       Genre: RnB and Soul
  14.  Add This Music              Subscribers 9,178                          Genre: All
  15.  Ambition                          Subscribers 394, 739                    Genre: Chill Hop Beats
  16.  Rap Party                         Subscribers 71, 992                       Genre: Rap and RnB
  17.  Daily New Hip Hop       Subscribers 14, 612                        Genre: Hip Hop


All of the above music promo channels are gaining subscriptions fast.  You will be doing your talent and art an injustice if you do not use this amazing tool to promote your music.  YouTube gives you a free platform to reach millions of listeners.  Submit today!



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