7 Must-Have Tips Every Wedding Singer Needs to Land Great Paying Gigs

7 Must-Have Tips Every Wedding Singer Needs to Land Great Paying Gigs

Written by Jaron Lewis

Singers need to find a way to make an income while they try to make it big. Finding paid gigs for singers can be rough but finding wedding singer jobs in NYC can be an excellent way to supplement an income while you wait for your big break.

There are singers needed for gigs all over, especially for people who are getting married and want the intimate experience that a wedding singer can offer. If you are wondering to yourself “how to find singing jobs near me?” These tips can help you to find the great paying gigs you are looking for.

There is a lot of competition for wedding gigs, so you need to be sure that you can out sing the competition. Being a decent singer isn’t enough; you need to be an amazing one. You do not have the help of technology that recording artists have, meaning that you need pure raw talent to be successful.

Vocal coaching can give you the edge that you need over the competition and this can improve your skills if you want to pursue this as a serious career.

Establish Yourself

Just like with any business, you need to establish yourself and build up your reputation. This may mean settling for lower paying gigs until you build up a strong reputation. As you make clients happy with your performance, build up references. Eventually you will get high paying gigs just through word of mouth.


You need to advertise in order to establish yourself. You can put out ads in local publications and use social media, but this is not all that you can do to advertise yourself. Attend events like bridal shows to get your name out there and attract business.

Music Selection

Some people want wedding singers for only their ceremony while some people want singers for both. This is something to keep in mind for your specialty. For ceremony, people typically want classical or religious songs while receptions require more familiarity with popular songs. It is best to learn a variety of genres to be a versatile singer, which can help get more gigs.

Record A Demo/Keep Videos

Think of demos or video of past weddings as part of your portfolio. This can help to display your talents to prospective clients, increasing your chances of getting hired for the gig. It can be great to have a diverse selection of songs on these demos to give clients a better idea of what you do.

Form Partnerships With Wedding Planners And Venues

This can be an excellent way to increase your gigs. A lot of venues and planners have “preferred vendors” lists, where they recommend people to perform different services at their wedding. Getting on this list can have a huge impact on your career.

Get References And Positive Reviews From Clients

Word of mouth is extremely important to succeeding in this industry. Be sure to ask for references from your clients and have a website or Facebook page where they can leave their comments about how happy they were with your work.



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