7 (Unknown) Ways To Get More Likes, Engagement, & Grow Your Facebook Music Fan Page

7 (Unknown) Ways To Get More Likes, Engagement, & Grow Your Facebook Music Fan Page

Written by Jaron Lewis

So you’re a musician who has a Facebook page, that’s great! You’ve invited all your friends to like it, you’ve invited fans to like it at your shows, but maybe you’re still not getting the engagement or likes that you need to really build up your fanbase, so you’re interested in how to get your band more fans.

This could be for a lot of reasons – a page has an organic reach of somewhere between 5% and 15%, but you still want to advertise it as much as possible. It’s important that these are “real” likes, not likes that you pay for. Here are some ways that you can increase likes and engagement on your page. Read on to learn how to promote a band page on Facebook.

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5. Actually Post Music

Maybe this is in the form of a video, a song snippet, or even an acoustic version of a full song. If you don’t offer potential fans a way to hear you play or sing, then how do they know that they like you?

They’re not going to just click like unless they’ve heard what you can offer, and they’re definitely not going to engage with you. If you’re truly interested in how to get more likes on your Facebook artist page, you have to show what you can do.

6. Post Pictures Often

Instagram is something that has exploded, because it’s a high quality peek into someone else’s life. Here’s one of the best Facebook music page tips – you can link your Instagram to your Facebook, and sharing is seamless and easy.

However, when you do post pictures to your band Facebook page, make sure they’re actually related to the band. Fans don’t want to see your food or things that you think look cool, that’s what your personal Instagram is for. Fans want to see the “behind the scenes” stuff like rehearsals, band members hanging out, in the studio, backstage, or performing.

7. Give Performance Info

When it comes to how to get more likes on Facebook artist pages, one thing that’s important is making sure that fans know how to find your shows.

A lot of bands and artists will just announce they have a show, but not make any record of it, meaning that fans who missed the first announcement have no idea that your band is going to be performing. That said, don’t just create a bunch of Facebook Events – utilize apps such as SongKick, BandsInTown (the industry standard), or ReverbNation.


There are plenty of other ways to get likes and engagement on your Facebook page, but these are just a few jumping off points that you don’t want to forget. Other things you can do include timing your posts during peak hours, paying for advertisement, and more, so make sure you do your research and really  understand the science of advertising. You’ve got great sound, make sure people hear it.



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