5 Steps To Finding The Perfect Music Manager Looking For Talent

5 Steps To Finding The Perfect Music Manager Looking For Talent

Written by Jaron Lewis

Musicians need to find music managers looking for talent can be essential to your success in your singing career. These steps will not only help you to get a manager for singing but you can also learn how to find a manager for rapping.

Depending on the type of music you create, you will need to find a manager that specializes in your genre. For instance, as a rapper you will want to find hip hop music managers for hire. These steps can help you find any type of music manager for your needs.

Do Your Research

The sad reality is that there are a lot of people who want to take advantage of people new to this industry. It is best to get one that is referred to you by a friend or trusted colleague to ensure that you get a reputable manager. If not, look at reviews and talk to other clients to make sure you can trust the manager.

Find Someone Who Believes In You And Your Music

Having a manager who is just doing it for the money is not going to be beneficial to you. You want someone who believes in you, because they are there to sell you. The fact that they are a fan of your music and believes in what you do will be seen by others and help you get more gigs.

Remember That The Manager Works For You

It can be easy to be pushed around in a direction that you don’t want to go by your manager, but you need to understand that you are the employer in this relationship. They are responsible for a lot of the administrative tasks and counseling you, but ultimately decisions are yours to make.

Look At Their Resume

A manager will have a resume or portfolio for you to work with. Look for someone with a lot of experience in the industry. If you are serious about your career, finding a manager with an MBA or another degree in music or some related field can be a great start. You also want someone who has experience in the industry.

When All Else Fails, Find Someone You Trust

Do you have a friend or family member that you trust completely and may have a keen eye for business? Sometimes the best manager for your music career is someone who is close to you.

There are a lot of celebrities that have family members, partners/spouses, or close friends as their manager. They can be great for you because you know these are people who have your best interests in mind when it comes to your music career.


Your manager is there to promote you and get your brand out there as a musician. These are people who you are entrusting your music career with, so take a great deal of care when hiring a manager. They are your employee and if they are not doing their job, you can start the search again. It is important that you find someone who can help you to further your career.



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